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Hello Madam Wordsmith! What an intriguing format. I did not intend to join the fray, but what potential this platform has for developing a project, be it journal research articles prior to the dreaded peer review, a Chapbook of poetry without the mentioned MFA in hand, a blog start up or turning stacks of notes on metaphysical workings over the decades into a guidebook has my attention. I have written my entire adult life, whether it was technical writing, keeping a gratitude journal, sending letters to friends, drafting policies, writing grant proposals, documenting problem solving efforts with evidence of permanent corrective action for customers, noodling in poetry, creating petitions for assorted workings and keeping the wild and wooly stack of notes on something or other in the realm of metaphysics. Pens and stories become magic. This I know for sure. Looking forward to your take on the nuts and bolts of putting a manuscript together for publication.

Cheers on this project launch!

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